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Big Data Analysis using Hadoop

        – Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

         – Getting Started with Hadoop

         – Hadoop Architecture

         – Hadoop Deployment

         – Introduction to MapReduce

         – Advanced HDFS and Map Reduce

         – Pig

         – Hive

         – HBase

         – Overview Zookeeper and Sqoop

        – Ecosystem and its Components

          – Real Usecases on BigData related to Analytics ( Banking / Telcom / Advertising )

           – Project discussion on Social Analytics – We prepare a candidate with the architecture and                      Design how to connect the dots and get the analytics from Social data Like Facebook or                        Twitter. We get the sentiment, influence, trending topic etc from a social data. We will                               not implement or do any project but assist the candidate to know the design and                                     architecture so that they can project the same in their interviews.

– Project discussion on Historical data analysis – Discuss on offloading large data tp Hadoop and do transformation and get insights from the data. This helps you to prepare the  BigData openings. Where we will discuss the challenges faced and how it got resolved etc.